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The California Register provides in-depth stories that others papers just cannot do. The California Register is a story-driven paper which means we publish when the story is ready.

The articles we like to publish are about people with colorful and captivating personal histories, who quietly live among us. They are living human treasures who live among us with few people have any idea of their existence. Does that mean we only write stories only about senior citizens? No, anything is fair game. Email us with ideas for stories. If you know of someone with a colorful and interesting past who might be willing to give us their full story, please contact us. We cannot publish all suggestions, but we do guarantee all suggestions will be seriously considered.

With our small staff, it’s difficult to return everyone’s call or email. We beg for your understanding and patience. Please consider using the services or products from our advertisers. Without them, we could not continue to bring you this unique and wonderful newspaper. And finally, we thank all the people who love to read. You keep us going.

David Smallwood

Editor & Publisher
The California Register